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    My signature below indicates that I have been provided a copy of CenterLife’s Financial Policy. I acknowledge that I am responsible for any payments not billable and/or covered by insurance. I have made payment arrangements with a credit/debit card on file and/or other payment options made available to me for services rendered by CenterLife Counseling. In compliance with health insurance contracts, CenterLife Counseling cannot waive co-pays or co-insurance amounts.

    My signature below indicates that I have been provided with a copy of the HIPAA Omnibus Notice of Privacy Practices. I understand that all medical records are kept confidential unless a separate release of information form is signed by me, authorizing the release of these medical records.
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    I hereby authorize direct payment to CenterLife Counseling of any medical benefits otherwise payable to me for services provided by a Mental Health Professional affiliated with CenterLife Counseling.

    CenterLife Counseling considers your e-mail and other contact information to be confidential. We will not disclose or sell any of your contact information to outside parties or entities.

  • Signature of Client or Personal Representative If Signed by a Personal Representative, Relationship to Client: Signature of Therapist (signature to be collected in person)