Taking a Mental Health Day

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There are times in our lives when stress, anxiety and a depressed mood take hold of us and the pace of life seems overwhelming. We see that every day as mental health professionals at CenterLife Counseling. This experience does not mean failure or weakness, nor need we feel guilty. It simply means life happens! What matters is what we do about it.

In many cases we soldier on, regardless of how we are experiencing the normal ups and downs of life, and that is great if it works. Sometimes, however, just a little space and quiet is all we need to regain our grip on life in order to face reality with renewed energy and vigor. If we are physically sick we take a sick day. Being emotionally drained, can be as threatening to our well being as being physically ill. Taking a “mental health day” may be a good option.

If we do take a mental health day, think ahead about how to spend the time. For some of us it means catching up with errands, reading a book that is not connected to work or catching up on sleep-deprivation that has overwhelmed us. A key common component, whatever choice we make about how to spend the time, is that it is used only to help manage the stresses of normal life and that the single day is all we need.

For issues that recur for us, and/or are based in ongoing experience of anxiety, depression or stress, the occasional mental health day may not be enough. If our ongoing experience last two or more weeks then seeking the help of a professional is advised. Take action, make an appointment, and keep it.

In the past workplaces offered “sick leave” and “personal days”, differentiating the kinds of time that could be taken off work. Nowadays, many workplaces offer PTO (Paid Time Off) that is accrued, and usually involve an annual limit. Employees, usually no longer need to explain themselves for taking PTO within the employers guidelines and policies. Changes in how employers treat time off have made it easier to take a mental health day without shame or guilt. Commonsense dictates that we need to responsibly manage how we use PTO. The employer needs healthy employees they can rely on and employees need an employer who applies a “Reasonable Person” standard to their employment management practices.

A mental health day is a good option for those of us who usually manage what life brings to us reasonably well. If we find ourselves using a mental health day on a regular or frequent basis then that is often an indication we need to look more carefully at the underlying reasons. It may mean making changes in our life: relationships, commitments, goals or expectations. It may mean finding new perspectives. While some people can explore making change with friends and family, sometimes it is helpful to have the insight that a professional has to offer. The key point is that if your experience of life is difficult, take actions that will help you make a change, whether it is a mental health day, coffee with a friend, or an appointment with professional such as those at CenterLife Counseling.
A mental health day is a good time to call CenterLife Counseling today to schedule an appointment.

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