Mental Health: When “Something is Just Not Right”

Child with head on desk

The start of school is a time of hope for success, growth, the joy of being with friends and the promise of something new unfolding for children, teenagers and their families.  However, early into the school year, some parents begin to see signs that their children are struggling. Kim Lundholm-Eades, owner of CenterLife Counseling in Centerville and White Bear Lake, advises families to pay attention when they sense that “something is just not right.”

“We often hear families tell us about changes in eating, sleeping, mood, activity and behavior that worry them,” says Kim who is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. While some changes can be normal, a pattern of emerging extremes or extended periods of extremes is worth parental attention. These changes can impact the whole family system, increasing stress, disrupting routine, creating conflict between parents and confusion and frustration due to unsuccessful attempts to understand and intervene. By getting help and an outside perspective, families can gain reassurance that all is well and tools to help them process through normal changes, or if there is a more serious issue, treatment by a qualified professional.

Kim elaborates, “With young children we utilize play therapy to help children express what is troubling them.” Children are unable to understand and talk about their feelings the way adults do. For children, toys are their words and play is their language. When it comes to middle and high school ages, we co-create solutions with the teen, using their stated goals to motivate them to explore and utilize productive means to attain them.

We also specialize in working with adults, individuals, couples, and families dealing with a variety of mental health issues; anxiety, depression, trauma, grief, life transitions and relational challenges. A guiding principle of CenterLife Counseling is having a range of expertise in its therapists all under one roof. This allows CenterLife Counseling to offer an integrated, easily coordinated and professional service that is convenient for all.” Come check us out to “Center your mind and balance your Life! We are in-network for most major insurance carriers and EAP’S.

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