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Couples Counseling

It is often said that our spouse or significant other bears the brunt of the daily stresses that we experience. We know that it is human nature to become complacent over time and to take for granted those people who are closest to us. We also know that we grow and change over time, but that our partner may not grow in the same ways that we do. Just as the events that we experience today shape who we are, so did the events that happened when we were children; our understanding of how a relationship works is, for better or for worse, rooted in our own parents' relationship(s).

With all of these factors impacting us, it is understandable that even the healthiest relationship may need a check-up from time to time. Whether you and your partner are ready for that check-up or are negatively feeling the strains of daily life, couples counseling is a safe way to work collaboratively on your relationship. Our dedicated, experienced therapists work with you as a couple, and as individuals when needed, to help you strengthen your relationship.

Renew. Rebuild. Strengthen.

Through couples counseling, you can grow and develop the following skills:

  • Communication and problem-solving techniques
  • De-escalation of arguments before they get hurtful
  • Identification and elimination of "dirty" fight tactics
  • Working in partnership to identify and achieve goals
  • Engaging in difficult conversations in a neutral manner
  • Effective collaboration for change within the relationship
  • Appropriate expression, disclosure, and resolution of painful emotions
  • Recognizing the positive characteristics in your partner and in your relationship
  • Working cooperatively to address family issues, such as money management, parenting, and stage-of-life issues