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Seniors Counseling

CenterLife Counseling for Seniors - in Your Home

Individuals residing in senior living communities and other long-term settings have unique needs. The Senior Service Mental Health Program is designed with these needs in mind. In partnership with senior living communities, we bring seniors counseling services right to you, in the comfort of your home. We offer assessment and treatment related to experiences with grief, adjustment and transitions, depression, dementia, anxiety, and other aging-related challenges you may be experiencing.

Our goal is to be a listening ear and to partner with you on your journey. Together, we will work to bring resolution to any emotional discomfort you may be experiencing as well as celebrate your joys and successes.

Services Include

  • Diagnostic assessment and treatment plans
  • Individual psychotherapy
  • Behavior management plans
  • Community networking and resource assistance


  • Experience a more compassionate view of yourself.
  • Increase your quality of life by working through unresolved issues and/or reducing anxiety/depression.
  • Improve your relationships with family and friends as you experience personal growth and development.
  • Learn how to ease the challenges of transitions, such as moving, grief/loss, health changes, and other aging-related concerns.