Personal Growth

Better Quality of Life

Reduced Stress

Family Counseling

Each nuclear family unit lives inside its own unique micro-environment. This environment shapes every interaction between adults, between parents and children, and between siblings. It also brings with it unique challenges that any one member may or may not be aware of. Family counseling provides a safe, respectful space to work through areas of struggle your family may be experiencing. We will work together to identify unproductive patterns and to bring hidden problems to the surface.

Finding Balance

There are a variety of emotions that arise when we are part of a family. Perhaps a parent fears that they may be favoring one child over another. Perhaps a sibling is resentful about how a brother or sister is treated. Perhaps it is just the worries that surround daily decisions, like which groups to join or classes to take in school. By entering into the counseling process together, you provide your family with the space and time to cope with these and other trials.

As experienced professionals, we are here to support you and your family in this process. We will help you discover the best way for your family to communicate with each other; we will guide you in creating safe boundaries for dealing with future conflicts; and we will explore the need for clear boundaries and expectations in the home. By doing so, your family will become better equipped to handle the natural, internal struggles that arise from day-to-day life as a family.