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The Importance of Purpose

purposeful living, women stretching in the sunlight

For most people, the idea of “getting older” often doesn’t resonate until we reach a certain decade, experience a health crisis, or finally reach retirement. We have expectations of what “life’s third act”-as Jane Fonda refers to it- will look like, and sometimes, that vision unexpectedly changes. When we hit mid-life, typically the 5th decade […]

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10 tips for getting the most out of your therapy session.

therapy session tips, person taking notes

Therapy sessions can be an extremely helpful tool in finding our best selves. They go a long way in empowering and enabling us to do the things that we want to do and be the person we want to be. We understand that you might be feeling anxious and unsure about engaging in this process.  […]

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Yoga and breath to relieve stress

Yoga pose with A mudra

Yoga and Breath to relieve stress At Centerlife Counseling we meet our clients where they are at.  This includes offering a wide variety of proven ways to help with the issues clients are experiencing. The field of psychology has found evidence that yoga and breathwork are helpful in overcoming mental illness such as depression, anxiety, […]

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Mental Health: When “Something is Just Not Right”

Child with head on desk

The start of school is a time of hope for success, growth, the joy of being with friends and the promise of something new unfolding for children, teenagers and their families.  However, early into the school year, some parents begin to see signs that their children are struggling. Kim Lundholm-Eades, owner of CenterLife Counseling in […]

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Successful Aging Part 1: Having “the talk”

Two men having a conversation

Successful Aging Part 1: Having “the talk” A 2016 survey found that 54% of adult children would rather talk to their teenage children about sex and drugs rather than have difficult conversations with their elderly parents; conversely, a Fidelity Investments survey found 66% of elderly parents are reluctant to have long-term conversations, in any […]

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