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Successful Aging Part 1: Having “the talk”

Two men having a conversation

Successful Aging Part 1: Having “the talk” A 2016 survey found that 54% of adult children would rather talk to their teenage children about sex and drugs rather than have difficult conversations with their elderly parents; conversely, a Fidelity Investments survey found 66% of elderly parents are reluctant to have long-term conversations, in any […]

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“I Can Do This!”

I can't written on a piece of paper

The scenario described here, with many variations, plays itself out each and every day throughout the United States, including here in beautiful Minnesota. Everyone experiences this kind of change differently, and yet there are some guiding principles that many find helpful.

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Holiday Stress

Very busy escalator

Holiday Stress Holiday stress is very real for most individuals and families. CenterLife Counseling owner, Kim Lundholm-Eades, recommends preparing prevention strategies. “I have seen many clients over my years as a therapist whose experience of holidays is not relaxing; it’s a high-stress time. Preventing holiday stress is much easier than dealing with a major stress […]

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Transition and Change

Tree in autumn

Transition and Change Transition and change are two different things. Many of us make decisions to change: exercise habits, behavior, relationships, drinking, smoking, how we treat others, and so on. We often don’t think so much about how we might get there and what help or resources we might need to make the transition. Transition […]

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