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Play Therapy

Through play, children learn about themselves and their relationships. Our therapists who are trained in Play Therapy, use this natural process to guide children in understanding themselves and their relationships. Over time, they learn how to cope with their own personal challenges and struggles.

Which challenges can Play Therapy help my child cope with?

Our experienced therapists can guide and help children to deal with a variety of struggles, such as: anger management; anxiety; academic underachievement; adoption/attachment issues; grief and loss; defiance and oppositional behavior; depression and sadness; divorce; isolation or social withdrawal; medical traumas; physical, sexual, or emotional abuse; and relationship conflicts.

Will I, as the parent, be involved?

Yes. You will work closely with your child’s therapist throughout the Play Therapy process. You may also be asked to implement some activities at home to support the progress that your child is making through Play Therapy.