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Understanding your Insurance Coverage

insurance billing

Understanding your Insurance Coverage Insurance – just the mention of the word makes most people cringe! Insurance can seem very daunting and complicated.   Understanding your insurance coverage and plan can seem so overwhelming and stressful that some choose to just ignore it and hope for the best.   Unfortunately, that usually only intensifies any problems. […]

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Feeling Powerless and Overwhelmed?

Powerless and overwhelmed

Feeling Powerless and Overwhelmed? Mary sits in her kitchen wondering how she is going to get through the day. Her spouse is drinking too much, her teenager is angry and taking it out on her, the little miss perfect who is ten years old is so tense she wets the bed and the house is […]

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Trauma that Debilitates Us: We are Not Stupid and We Are Not Alone

John had a car accident. Mary’s ex-husband verbally abused her for years. Manny saw more than he wants to remember during his service in Iraq. Juan and Cynthia lost their child to suicide. Joanne got hit a lot by her last partner. Felicity and her partner lost their jobs, their house, and their savings and […]

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Holiday Stress

Holiday Stress Holiday stress is very real for most individuals and families. CenterLife Counseling owner, Kim Lundholm-Eades, recommends preparing prevention strategies. “I have seen many clients over my years as a therapist whose experience of holidays is not relaxing; it’s a high-stress time. Preventing holiday stress is much easier than dealing with a major stress […]

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